Sunday , November 18 2018
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2 Hill Women Leaders: Back home following a month in imprisonment

Slope Women Federation pioneers Manti Chakma and Doya Sona Chakma returned home yesterday, around a month in the wake of being seized from the region.

Manti, general secretary of HWF, went home in Mora Chenge town in the region’s Naniarchar upazila while Doya Sona, Rangamati general secretary of the stage, in Sukna Chari town under Kaukhali upazila.

Conversing with The Daily Star, Doya Sona charged that UPDF (majority rule) individuals had lifted them up.

“The abductors took us to five places in Rangamati and Khagrachhari, yet they didn’t hurt us physically. Despite the fact that they gave us nourishment, we turned out to be exceptionally worn out as we needed to move starting with one place then onto the next. We had been in the backwoods under the open sky and furthermore in a cottage.”

“On 18 March, they took us to Hadamola Ghat in Naniarchar upazila. After two days, they moved us to Mahalchhari upazila in Khagrachhari. From that point, we were taken to Dighinala upazila and Madhupur region of Khagrachhari,” she included.


The two pioneers were liberated around 8:30pm on Thursday.

Unidentified culprits kidnapped the two HWF pioneers from Kutukchhari zone in Rangamati on March 18 around 9:30am. The culprits assaulted the place of Dharma Sing Chakma, leader of Rangamati Democratic Youth Forum, and opened fire, abandoning him harmed.

Kalindi Rani Chakma, mother of Doya Sona, said she was stressed in regards to her girl’s destiny. “We are exceptionally upbeat now as she has returned home securely.”

The UPDF and UPDF (just) are two opponent groups.

Rupashi Chakma, leader of Hill Women Federation, said lawbreakers snatched their two pioneers to stop the UPDF’s development. She said they would proceed with their development.

Shyamol Chakma, part secretary of UDPF (popularity based), precluded the inclusion from claiming his association in the occurrence. He said the two pioneers were kidnapped over the UPDF’s inner fight.