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Top 10 Healthy Birthday Activities

Top 10 Healthy Birthday Activities

Celebrate with your favorite exercise class: Turn your class into a party by having everyone dress up in crazy costumes to make the exercise more fun and exciting! Having a theme like an 80’s dress up party with everyone wearing legwarmers and sweatbands in spinning class will put everyone in a good mood.

Go on a run (or bike ride) for how old you’re turning: If you’re turning 26 or under, this would be a fun and blood-pumping activity to challenge yourself with! Celebrate not only your birthday, but a fitness goal you’ve been trying to reach. Even if you’re older than 26, don’t limit yourself! Hike, bike, or walk your age, you’re going to feel great afterwards!

Write down everything you’ve been thankful for since your last birthday: Start off this new age with a positive attitude. Take time to sit down and write down everything you’re thankful for, and write down all of the things you achieved since your last birthday. Not only will you feel more positive with this fresh start, but you can improve your overall mental health.

Indulge in mini-cupcakes as a birthday treat: You deserve dessert on your birthday, but you don’t necessarily want to run a mile just to burn off that piece of double chocolate cake. Instead, opt for some “mini-cupcakes”, which only have about 50-80 calories per cake, instead of a whole piece of cake which averages about 545 calories.

“Treat Yo Self”: You know the famous catch phrase from Tom on Parks and Recreation; once a year you need to treat yourself! Why not have that day be your birthday? Studies show that indulging in yourself can bring many mental health benefits, like rejuvenating yourself, reducing stress, and boosting your mood. Remember that you’ve earned a day to do what makes you happy!