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The Top 05 Health Benefits from Yoga

The Top 05 Health Benefits from Yoga

1. Muscle Strength
Although building muscle is not a primary focus or goal of yoga, its use can certainly facilitate strength. Whether or not yoga should be implemented as a sole strength training regimen certainly aligns with individual goals, but can be effective for acquiring lean body mass.

2. Improved Breathing
Pranayamas are breathing exercises practiced in yoga. Implementing and refining these breathing techniques improves breathing and posture, thus increasing lung capacity. Large air volume and flow offers fresh oxygen into the lungs and body tissues.

3. Weight Reduction and Maintenance
Though yoga is slow and tame, research has shown yoga can lead to weight loss. Experts commonly suggest increased mindfulness and awareness may facilitate better lifestyle choices, including healthier and more nutritious food selections.



4. Cardiovascular HealthYoga has been shown to contribute to improved heart health in a series of ways. First off, yoga manages and reduces stress, a risk factor for high blood pressure and heart disease. Additionally, yoga contributes to the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity each week for good heart health. Individuals who enroll in yoga sessions are shown to continue exercising further down the road.

5. Injury Protection and Recovery
Athletes of all sports turn to yoga to avoid injury or recover from one. Poses and motions help to increase flexibility and stretch out tense muscles. The purpose of yoga is to restore body and muscle functions rather than break them down the way a high-intensity workout can.